Physical Activity of Mr. Warlick

October 6, 2018

Weight: 157.8  Steps: 23,130  Running: 0 mile  Push-ups: 0 Floors: 14

Walking: Indoors (16,000) and outdoors (7,000).

Run/Walk: one 3.5-mile walk on Davis Oaks trail; one walk/run on the home treadmill (5 miles); zero 5-mile walk/run on the CDSC treadmill; zero imputed runs (2-miles and 3.5-miles).

1.5 mile Run: None

Weightlifting: None.   Calisthenics: None.

Garmin Badges: 248 points, 64 Challenges, ~150 IM/day (1193-1041)

Nutrition: Breakfast @ Karli’s school, with Carol. Dinner a salad.

Attitude: Poor sleep (~6:51). Nice day.

Activities: I still have a sore ankle from falling down the stairs Saturday. I took some bridge notes on Larry Cohen material.